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We tackle tough commercial carpet cleaning with a revolutionary extraction system.

We use the Rotovac, hot water, high-pressure extractor. The results are dramatic!

Why Rotovac?

Using a manual wand requires a great deal of physically labor and only cleans in 2 directions, back and forth, producing mediocre results.  Rotovac rotates, cleaning in all directions while making multiple passes over the same area, producing an exceptional clean.

Keystone Business Support State College CleaningROTARY JET EXTRACTION: This is the latest technology in the professional carpet cleaning equipment industry and has proven to be the most thorough deep cleaning method to date. The Rotovac Powerwand is a Rotary Jet Extractor that has 6 vacuum slots and spray jets which rotate over the carpet at 250RPM. As the spray jets inject the cleaning solution the vacuum slots simultaneously scrub and extract it back out. The Rotovac vacuum slots clean the carpet from every different direction in a rotary motion rather than just back and forth like a manual wand and the motor does the work instead of the operator. Click here to check out the Rotovac Powerwand.

Six vacuum slots and six spray jets rotate at 250 rpm to produce 1500 multi-directional cleaning passes per minute.

Keystone Business Support State College CleaningWe use the The Spinner, a high-pressure tile and grout cleaning system. We clean ceramic tile, quarry tile, terracotta tile, terrazzo tile, marble, granite, and even rubber studded floors, just to name a few.

You might not recognize your floors when The Spinner is done!

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Vinyl/VCT/Epoxy Floors

Making a waxed floor look stunning is a lost art. We make your floors look terrific by stripping the old wax, heel-marks and grime, and then applying 3 to 5 coats of hard, super-glossy wax.

Bring your floors back to life!

Keystone maintains a culture of excellence and accountability.

Regular inspections by a crew leader, supervisor, or manager are the norm.  Everyone expects their work to be inspected. Excellence has become a part of our company culture.  With your consent, we inspect during normal business hours which provides a point of communication with you and also allows us to see what you see in the daylight.

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